Occupational Health and Safety Policy

With the awareness that our most valuable asset is our employees;

• It takes priority to protect the safety and health of employees, service providers and visitors within our business limits.
• Makes planning by allocating necessary resources for precautions and arrangements to be made against all kinds of hazards and risks that may arise in operating conditions.
• Commits to comply with all OHS-related laws and regulations.
• Ensures that all employees work in accordance with OHS regulations by preparing instructions and procedures related to OHS; conducts training, information, auditing and improvement works continuously.
• Examines the feedbacks of all kinds of work accidents, risky situations and near misses and takes the necessary measures to prevent its repetition and puts into practice.

Environment and Sustainability

Nesa Polymer, within the framework of environmental policy;

•Protecting natural resources

•Not polluting instead of cleaning,

•To comply with all legal regulations and standards related to the environment, to take care to protect the environment and natural life beyond the legal requirements,

•It demonstrates its responsibility towards the environment and its philosophy of continuous improvement in order to control the effects of environmental factors arising from all processes on climate change, air, soil and water within the framework of preventive and corrective approaches and to reduce these negative values. While implementing this philosophy, it takes its power from its employees and management levels with full participation. Nesa Polymer has started the first leg of environmental journey by creating environmental management systems.

Nesa Polymer is an organization that has started the first leg of its environmental journey by creating environmental management systems.
In this context, Nesa Polymer adopts environmental approaches when selecting energy inputs.
New trends in climate change around the world require consumers to use environmentally friendly products and services.