Special Compounds (Özel Kompaundlar)

The main raw material, thermal resistance, impact resistance, hardness factors such as adding various contributions to the customer by adding various features to create a raw material is called compound.

Engineering Plastics (Mühendislik Plastikleri)

Engineering Thermoplastics are a subset of plastic materials commonly used in applications requiring high performance in areas such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact, flame retardation or mechanical strength. Engineering Thermoplastics are known for their properties in one or more areas that perform better than commercial materials and for their suitability for engineering applications for the design of parts intended for their intended purpose.

Masterbatches (Masterbatchler)

In order to raw material's color, physical and cost properties improve, pigments, additives and fillings are mixed and presented to the customer in granular form.

3D FILAMENT GROUP (3D Filament Grup)

Special 3D Filament Group

The operating principle of the three-dimensional printer in FDM technology is very simple. At the so-called nozzle, the plastic is melted, poured and the object layer is formed. This melted plastic material is called a filament.